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On Counseling & Getting Your Spouse to Attend

People aren’t always open to the idea of sharing their deepest and darkest secrets to a stranger. It’s especially difficult to open up to a stranger when the details you’re asked to divulge involve your relationship with your spouse. People don’t want to talk about their marriages with a stranger for a variety of reasons:

Does Water Fasting Help in Weight Loss? It Does, But There’s a Catch

One of the newest, fastest, but arguably the most dangerous, weight-loss fads that hit the market this decade. We say new, but water fasts have actually been around for thousands of years, although most of these were for religious purposes –it’s only recently, however, that people started using water fasts for weight loss. Results, of

woman working out at the gym

How Long Does It Take to Notice Weight Loss? It Depends.

“But I’ve been on this diet/workout regimen for X amount of time! How long does it take to notice weight loss?” We’ve all been there: we choke down yet another hundred grams of cabbage or broccoli or some other diet food while running our umpteenth hour on a treadmill, only to step on a scale

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