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Types of Splints for TMJ Disorders

Innovations in dentistry have seen even those with conditions deemed untreatable in the past get relief for the same. Though often associated with straight and white teeth, orthodontists also have solutions for one of the most troublesome yet common dental issues. This is temporomandibular joint {TMJ} disorders. Jaw misalignment and bite problems characterize the condition.

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A Word of Advice: Just Keep Trying

Just like Facebook, YouTube is becoming a mainstay in today’s digital age. One cannot only live without it as it is not just a source of entertainment, but also an alternative platform for learning. Whatever floats your boat, it’s all in YouTube — short clips of your favorite series, Billie Eilish’s songs, or even Krebs

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Improving Seniors’ Quality of Life: How Can You Help?

While we may focus on the quantity of our lives in hopes to live as long as possible, we must focus on the quality of it, as well. Something that aging seniors deal with is the loss in quality of life. They need more than medical attention. They need to be happy, too. To keep

Dental braces

4 Celebrities Who You Didn’t Know Wore Braces

It’s no secret that having your crooked teeth straightened have more positive effects and benefits to a person’s overall physical health, and it’s definitely not just for “appearance” purposes. Some of these health benefits include being able to chew the food properly, and so the nutrients could be broken down properly and would result in

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