Oranges with pulp

Is Drinking the Pulp in Orange Juice Healthier Than Drinking No Pulp?

I don’t like pulp in my orange juice. This is all just my personal preference, but I prefer drinking without the feeling of bits of pulp going down my throat. When I drink to quench my thirst, I want my drinks to be like water: clean, crisp, and no little bits that remain in my

Surgery clinic

8 Surgical Accessories Clinics Should Have

Clinics, specifically those that perform minor and major surgeries, should always stock up on basic surgical accessories and supplies. This way, they can perform various surgeries smoothly and without delays commonly caused by missing or lacking surgical supplies and accessories. One example is a TC needle holder, an instrument used to hold sutures used in

woman working out at the gym

4 Stress-Relieving Activities to Add to Your Routine

A lot of people find themselves facing stress from responsibilities at home and work. This routine will eat up most of your day, and you might even lose sleep because of your tiring activities. Sometimes, a normal seven to eight hours of rest will not make you feel reenergized because of the overwhelming number of

counseling session

On Counseling & Getting Your Spouse to Attend

People aren’t always open to the idea of sharing their deepest and darkest secrets to a stranger. It’s especially difficult to open up to a stranger when the details you’re asked to divulge involve your relationship with your spouse. People don’t want to talk about their marriages with a stranger for a variety of reasons:

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