Prescription medicine bottles

The Most Bizarre Side Effects of Prescription Drugs

Everybody takes prescription medications for many different reasons. Millions of individuals depend on these drugs to get relief from various health conditions, even life-threatening ones. The downside is that in some patients, they can cause various side effects such as headaches, upset stomach, dizziness, and muscle aches, and this is fairly normal, notes a licensed pharmacist from a well-known compounding pharmacy in Brampton. Sometimes however, the particular chemical combinations of

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Woman standing holding her womb

Mommy’s Priorities Should Include Her Own Needs Too

Women’s bodies were not created equal. There are different body types and depending on your lifestyle; you may improve or worsen your features. Your body also goes through several changes as you reach motherhood. Once your baby is in your arms, and you’re enjoying the joy the little bundle brings into your life, you might not mind much how your body changed during pregnancy and hadn’t quite returned to the

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Peach Water

Peach Water: Everything You Need to Know About This Cool Infused Drink

Featured Image from: Mountain View Fruit Sales When it’s hot or humid, a glass of coldwater is too boring but nearly all the cold flavored drinks in the market are full of preservatives, sugar, or artificial sweeteners. If that’s the case, why not make your own cold but healthy drink? Whether it’s for weight loss or you just want a sweet way to cool down, infused water can help you

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Woman showing her inflamed gum

Common Oral Health Issues Associated With Bleeding Gums

Everyone knows the importance of oral hygiene. However, while most people take good care of their teeth, some tend to forget to care for their gums, too. The thing is the gums are the foundation of your teeth. Without proper gum care, you risk a range of oral health issues even with clean teeth. The primary sign of gum problems is bleeding gums. This is present in about one in three

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