Hamsa Yoga 101: Decoding This Mysterious Aspect of Hora-shastra

Vedic astrology might seem a little more complicated than Western Astrology, and that’s because it is: with literally hundreds of thousands of Gods, Demons, Saints, and Deities ruling the Hindu cosmos, Vedic astrology, or Hora-shastra, is an extremely complex system of understanding the stars, fates, destinies, and how all of this impacts us both as

Employees smiling in a row

It’s a Match: Ways to Attract Employees to Your Business

It takes more than a comprehensive plan and brilliant business idea to propel your enterprise. You have to have the right people that will help you turn your vision into a reality. And this is where many companies usually fail. They settle for talents that have a hard time fitting into the culture and ideals

Gynecologist name plate

A Quick Guide to Women’s Pelvic Examination

Women must undergo gynaecological or pelvic examinations to assess their reproductive health, but some may not be familiar with this process. Here are the important things people should know about pelvic exams: What is a pelvic exam? A gynecological or pelvic exam is how healthcare providers check a woman’s reproductive system for signs of illness. It involves

Woman consulting a doctor

What to Expect at a Pre-Pregnancy Checkup

If you are planning to get pregnant soon, there are certain things you need to tackle to get you on the right track. Yes, you will need to have sex a lot and stop taking birth control. But above all else, you have to go to an ob-gyn or general practitioner for a pre-pregnancy checkup.

Gume being checked at the dentist

Dental Hygienist in Edinburgh

A fresh approach to dental hygiene Everybody loves that clean, fresh feeling after visiting a dental hygienist in Edinburghand having their teeth scaled and polished. That feeling lasts for several days after, running one’s tongue over the smooth surfaces that over time build up plaque and hard to remove tartar in those hard to reach

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