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Dental Must-Dos: Things You Should Do to Save Your Mouth

When you are young, you have always been instructed to take care of your teeth, and that is something you should do by brushing your teeth. But, there are more ways you should do to protect your mouth. After all, you depend heavily on it. When your teeth are compromised, you will find it difficult

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The Power of Protein: How It Aids in Weight Loss and Muscle Building

A wide variety of diet programs are available for people who are trying to commit to a healthier lifestyle or those who want to shed excess pounds. Terms like ketogenic diet, low-carb intermittent fasting, and paleo diet are just some of the buzzwords you can hear from your health-conscious peers. Almost all dieters who are

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How Topical Pain Relief Contributes to Massage Therapy

A growing number of people are now discovering the fantastic benefits of engaging in physical activity. More and more people are now getting themselves involved in running, biking, yoga, and even swimming. However, together with the growing interest in sports is a higher risk of injury. A few of the most common sport-related injuries include

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What are the OSHA Standards for Small Businesses?

Under the Occupational Safety and Health Act, employers have a duty to provide employees a work environment that is free from dangers that may cause death or serious injury. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) assures the health, security, and safety of America’s workers by enforcing standards, promoting continuous improvement in workplace safety guidelines,

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Here’s How Scents Trigger Memories and Emotions

The smell of chocolate chip cookies fresh out of the oven may remind you of your childhood trips to your grandmother’s house. But have you ever wondered why? Moments like these are commonplace because of the brain’s ability to recall memories through scents, otherwise known as the olfactory memory. The Science behind the Ol’ Memory