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disabled woman talking to another woman

Getting Approved for Disability Benefits

It takes a considerable effort to qualify for disability benefits in Utah. There are lots of people out there trying to scam the government. The idea of getting a regular

Mature man treating asthma with inhaler at home

How You Can Be Ready for an Asthma Attack

As a person with asthma, no matter how much you try to prevent attacks, emergencies still happen. Unexpected asthma attacks can be scary. The best thing you can do is

Woman applying sunscreen

Summer Skincare Regimen

Summers in Salt Lake City is a great time to go out and have fun with your friends and family. You can explore the canyons, hike, visit museums, attend a

girl on dental braces check up

Investing in Your Teeth to Improve Your Looks

Changing your appearance dramatically is not only attainable through plastic surgery. A new hairstyle or set clothes is sometimes enough to improve your overall appearance and make you feel good

Child with flu resting in bed

Don’t Let A Flu Infection Overwhelm Your Kids

Nothing paints a sorry picture than a child who’s feeling under the weather. The once lively and bright eyes become dull and listless while the constant blowing of the nose

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