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How Often Should You Shampoo?

You probably shampoo your hair every day, which is normal practice in a tropical country like the Philippines. But did you know daily shampooing could damage your hair? Sebum and

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3 Effective Ways of Dealing with Weight Gain

Weight gain remains to be a sensitive issue in society. It has been attributed to the increasing fast-food culture, especially among the youths. The result has been an increase in

Facts You Should Know About Chiropractic Care

These days, so much goes along with chiropractic care besides body, neck, and back adjustments. Most people do not know that chiropractic care was discovered during the 1980s. Chiropractors are

Bulimia Facts, and how it affects you

Five Ways Bulimia Affects Your Body

Bulimia is a serious illness that involves eating large amounts of food, or bingeing, and then trying to get rid of the calories through purging. Purging usually entails vomiting and

Yes, Baby Bottle Tooth Decay is Real

Tooth decay is one of the most rampant diseases that plague children. In kids aged six years old and younger, it’s known as early childhood cavities or caries. According to

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