Users can easily view the boundaries of each Zip Code and the state as a whole. This is the County FIPS:48029 Bexar County ZIP Code page list. Base map features include all roads with major roads and highways labelled; neighborhood names; railways; and high level land use such as parks and recreation areas, industrial areas and hospital campuses.

This map of Bexar County, Texas shows ZIP code areas overlaid on a road map. Bexar County is a county in Texas, United States. Ranking based on county data from the U.S. Census, BLS, CDC, and other sources. Find More Cities in Texas that start with S . Bexar County, TX - Unique - Single Entity ZIP Codes (NO DEMOGRAPHIC DATA) 78288 | 78289 Note: Every ZIP Code has a single ACTUAL City Name assigned by the US Postal Service (USPS). Zip Codes in Bexar County, Texas. This includes 4,576 lab tests performed by the Metro Health lab. Display Bexar County Border on Map Share: Bexar County Profile. Its detail is as below. County: Bexar. On this site you will find information on all USA Zip codes and many tools to calculate distance between zip codes, shipping costs, zip codes radiuses etc. Map of Zipcodes in Bexar County. All Bexar county zip codes, area codes, list of counties, cities and maps. Key Zip or click on the map. Google Maps Zip Code 78207: As of May 28, zip code 78207 had about 805 cases per 100,000 people — more than any other zip code. The area, however, includes the Bexar County … Bexar County Area Zip Codes. There is no Census data for the city of BEXAR, AR. Track coronavirus cases by ZIP, age in San Antonio with interactive map Live updates on hospitalizations, deaths and recoveries around Bexar County David Ibañez , Web - Managing Editor Country: USA. This page shows a map with an overlay of Zip Codes for San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas. Advertisement. This includes 589,577 lab … 2020 Best ZIP Codes to Live in Bexar County About this List Explore the best ZIP Codes to live in the U.S. based on public schools, cost of living, job opportunities, and local amenities. Displayed below are homes for sale in Bexar County by Zip Codes.Schedule a showing or request more information from the detail page of each real estate listing by Bexar County Zip Codes.View single family homes, garden homes, new construction, townhomes, and condos for sale by zip code. 2020 Best ZIP Codes to Buy a House in Bexar County About this List Explore the best ZIP Codes to buy a house based on home values, property taxes, home ownership rates, housing costs, and … FIPS 48029 is not the zip code of this county, but a five-digit Federal Information Processing Standard code which uniquely identifies counties and county equivalents. Nearby Post Office: WALGREENS Post Office Address: 3326 FREDERICKSBURG RD Post Office Suburb: SAN ANTONIO, TX, 78201-3870 State: Texas Zip Codes. We have pulled information for the ZIP Code 72515 instead. Based on available data, there are 594,153 COVID-19 test results to date for Bexar County. Ideal for planning of deliveries, home services, sales territories, real estate and much more.
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