MENU -Red camera icon – page 2 – Lens Comp –  Chro. Also, the BMPC 4k comes with 13 stops of dynamic range, giving the user quite a lot of freedom for editing in post. I’m coming from Nikon so a bit apprehensive to deal with a completely new system. Cont. ), so together with the Sony A6400, this combination will feel as light as a point-and-shoot camera! Set it to large for optimal quality, if SD card space is an issue, you can set it to Small. Program (P) mode automatically adjusts exposure and aperture according to your desired setting. Apr 28, 2019 DPReview TV: Fujifilm X-T30 vs. Sony a6400 Apr … Allows you to adjust the aperture and shoot, for example when you want to blur the background (large aperture like f/1.8), or want a sharp corner-to-corner image (around f/5.6-f/8). You can turn Off this confirmation here if you wish. Before starting the procedure, check the SSID name of the access point, security system, and password. Shoot slow-motion videos. 100p 60M: Records high-speed movies in 1920×1080. The product shoots images continuously while the shutter button is pressed. The exposure set guide is an on-screen scroller that tells you the relation between your chosen aperture and the appropriate shutter speed for the scene you are shooting. Wide: Wide focus area uses all focus points on the sensor. Square Grid: Place a subject on the diagonal line to express an uplifting and powerful feeling. A zoom is less suited to this kind of photography; best use a prime, fast lens. You can bookmark this page and simply refer back to it or continue reading whenever you feel like it. See this as a more advanced iAuto mode, as you’ll be able to change all other settings through the touch screen (Focus area, creative style, exposure compensation,…); tip: lower the automatic ISO range to 100-1600 for better image quality (ISO-Auto range in MENU SYSTEM). Display the subject’s movements more smoothly by adjusting the frame rate of the viewfinder during still image shooting. Allows you to shoot with preset settings according to the scene. You can choose 3:2 (which uses the full sensor surface), 16:9 (crop but a more broad view) or 1:1 for. (Also available in the Quick Menu accessed by pressing the FN button). Neutral: The saturation and sharpness are lowered for shooting images in subdued tones. Use this function only when adjustments are needed for certain focal lengths. You cannot create movies from the still images on the camera. The Sony A6400 has a range of built-in lens compensation functions. It is recommended in cases where [S-Gamut3], a wide color space, is not required. Once you’re in this menu, you’ll see two pages with custom button options available. with a device that has permission to connect. You need to pair the camera and smartphone before using the location information interlocking function. Sony sporadically releases updates with new features, so it might be worth checking if any new firmware versions are available. Sets the playback speed for still images during Continuous PB for interval. This includes composite layering (layering different shots on top of each other for HDR style pictures) and automatically choosing what it thinks is the best image. Set the mode dial to M (Manual Exposure). Sets whether to fix the exposure when you press the shutter button halfway down. Some you can set between zero-infinity, others 2-3m to infinity. Press the bottom side of the control wheel to select the shutter speed or aperture value, then turn the control wheel to select a value. Center: The spot metering position does not coordinate with the focus area, but always meters brightness at the center. This is how I’ve customized my a6500’s button layout. Is there a setting I should change or other solution.? There is a range of styles available from vivid colour to black and white. Still: Standard gamma curve for still images. Wow…thank you for your time and thoroughness in this post. Hi Michael, I think you need zoom lenses that can limit focus range. Shoots the entire range of scenery in sharp focus with vivid colors. It is not recorded into the resulting image. This is suitable when you want to produce a warm atmosphere. [Range] should be set narrower when you want to control the quality of dark areas. AF-S: With a half-press of the shutter button, the Sony A6400 will focus only once. Larger F-value: The subject and its foreground and background are all in focus. So, if you’re just doing something casual then shooting slow-motion directly in-camera would work too. Use a tripod to prevent blurring when you use a slow shutter speed. To get your creative juices flowing, here are 5 of my examples that I found on YouTube which highlight the slow-motion capabilities on this camera and what you can do with it. 4k Slow Motion. It is now also possible to select either the left or the right Eye! Leave it to Ambient And Flash, unless if you want to use HSS sync with flashes, then it is handy to be able to control exposure and flash output separately. Sets whether to display the audio level on the screen. These scenes are the same ones which can be selected individually in SCENE mode. Check if DISP (Display Setting) is set to No Disp. The Sony A6400 has a dual phase/contrast on-sensor autofocus system. Looking for a Sony A7S vs Sony A6400 comparison? Select MENU→ ( Camera Settings )→ [HFR Settings] and select the desired settings for [Record Setting] . A full reel of 120 frames per second (fps) in HD slowed down to 24 fps. The Sony a6500 can shoot 120 frames per second (FPS) and 60 frames per second (FPS) slow-motion video at 1080p. Change the orientation of images in-camera. Common Weaknesses Tilt-swivel screen. In multi, it considers the whole frame and sets exposure according to internal algorithms programmed in camera. This means that if you place the AF point in the top right-hand corner it won’t move to the top left or bottom right-hand corners when the camera is turned. Compensates for the shaded corners of the screen caused by certain lenses. This balance variation may cause the black color in the subject to appear different when cameras are switched. Touch Shutter: When you shoot using the monitor, the camera automatically focuses on the point you touch and shoots a still image. If [Right Eye] or [Left Eye] is selected, only the selected eye is detected. Check these settings and turn them OFF: Although you can capture movies in any mode, it is easiest to change all related settings for video recording here. Pop up the flash manually before shooting. Larger F-value: The subject and its foreground and background are all in focus. Here you can select the amount of noise reduction applied to images with high ISO settings (when quality is set to jpeg). Movie Mode Only: Starts movie recording when you press the MOVIE button only if the shooting mode is set to “Movie/S&Q Motion” mode. choose between tiles or a tiled front page when accessing the MENU or a linear tab style menu layout. However, this will help me maintain the blog and continue writing for you guys. This is used for synchronization of video in post production. ... Slow-motion videos. Select whether you want the camera to rotate images automatically when you rotate the camera or not. This functionality allows you to shoot an image after recalling often-used modes or camera settings registered with the Mode Dial memory positions in advance. It’s located in subpage 4/9 under the Silent Shooting option. On the camera, select MENU – (Wireless) – [Bluetooth Settings] – [Bluetooth Function] – [On]. If you have any problems using the autofocus and are in a situation where you don’t want to miss any shots, revert to Center and just make sure you have your subject centered. S-Log2 [S-Log2] gamma curve. Live view shows your images as they’ll appear out of the camera, with effects of the exposure compensation, white balance, Creative Style, or Picture Effect on the screen. 7.) Shooting super-slow-motion movies has more data processing than usual recording. I’ve used A77 and A99 for this type of photography in the past but have recently changed to mirrorless and am a bit confused by choice of settings available. This setting is useful when you want to check recorded images on the camera without leaving the camera. The camera can shoot up to 120 fps in HD. A little bit of background: The A6500 was the last A6000 series camera that used the ‘PlayMemories Apps’. Hint Frame rate In super-slow-motion movie shooting, the camera shoots at a faster shutter speed than the number of shooting frames per second. MENU – Camera Settings 1 – Face Registration – New Registration. The aperture is automatically adjusted to obtain proper exposure. Rear Sync tells the flash to fire right before the shutter closes. Sets whether to coordinate the spot metering position with the focus area when Focus Area is set to Flexible Spot or Expand Flexible Spot. You can choose between XAVC S 4K, XAVC S H or AVCHD. I set the shutter speed to 1/250 as you want the shutter speed double your frame rate. Tip: if autofocus doesn’t seem to be working, check the lens barrel to see if the AF/MF slider is set to AF. Aperture and Shutter speed are always available. Common Weaknesses Tilt-swivel screen. 1080i: Outputs signals in HD picture quality (1080i). It can all be selected here. 1.) If a correct exposure cannot be obtained, the aperture value on the shooting screen blinks. Select the “Movie/S&Q Motion” option in submenu 1 of 9. Frame- and bit-rate differ depending on your movie file format. However, some lenses do not have a focus hold button.2 1.
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