Pruning isn't required unless your shrub is suffering from disease or the spread is becoming particularly unruly. Use a complete fertilizer in the amounts directed on the label. When pruning a juniper sufficient green foliage needs to be left to hide this old wood or brown area. Transplanting: Juniper, together with other evergreens, can be planted nearly at any time of year that the ground is not frozen. This can create the visual effect of a tiered garden and spare you a lot of headaches. Many common herbs make excellent ground covers and are easy to trim and cheap to replace. Regular trimming will make it thick and lush. How to Prune an Overgrown Juniper. If you are digging up a plant to move somewhere else, you will need to collect the entire plant, along with any runners that have actually rooted. The goals of trimming ground cover plants are to remove branches that are damaged, diseased, untidy or growing in undesirable areas. Type of Plant: A ground cover juniper…truthfully, the only one I commonly recommend.Hardy zone 4 to 9. This blog is about ground covers for shade, which you don’t have, so I would suggest Blue Chip Juniper. Winter foliage becomes plum-purple in coldest climates. Juniper plants, shrubs, and trees grow naturally all over the Northern Hemisphere from icy arctic climates to sweltering deserts. Creeping juniper is an evergreen groundcover that is perfect for filling in gaps in hard places like along hills or sidewalks. Use moss or ground cover to prevent soil erosion; Insect and Disease Control. Conifer shrubs can be short, medium or tall with a more rounded shape, or they can be low ground-cover types like “Blue Rug” junipers. For some types of ground cover, trimming also thins and rejuvenates plants, resulting in new growth or a second round of blossoms. There are around 60 different species of Juniper plants that range from low-growing ground covers that reach heights of only six inches, small, medium, and large shrubs and bushes, to full-size trees that can grow as high as 130 feet. Things You'll Need. In winter, the foliage takes on a purple tinge. That may be the main reason why some people found that the name to be deceptive since it never really looked blue when they had it. You can post answer here and would appreciate an email as well so I … Unless the plant is relatively young, this may be a pretty huge job. They’re cheap, they grow quickly, they’re not invasive, they smell good, they flower and you can eat them. Creeping juniper adapts to almost any soil, including those that are hot, dry and poor in fertility. Ground covers that must compete with trees or shrubs often benefit from added fertilizer as well. Evergreen. Photos of a wide variety of Spreading Junipers that are often planted to cover steep banks or fill-in shrub beds and rock gardens. 2. If you need to prune your junipers back to far the plant will not in most cases fill back in with new foliage keeping it green an nice looking as you are used to. Most of the time, if your Japanese Juniper Bonsai is well taken care of and is placed in a position with the right temperature and amount of light, you’ll have no problem. Sharp bypass pruning shears . $26.99. Just a foot tall, but 5 feet across, ultimately growing to 10 feet wide, it makes a dense carpet. Broadcast: Sat 22 Nov 2008, 1:00am Published: Sat 22 Nov 2008, 1:00am They will grow resistant against pests. For this reason, you will want to trim all branches that are growing downward to keep it looking like a tree. Blue rug juniper is a hardy evergreen plant with silvery-blue foliage that can take on a purple tone in the winter months. Q. Watering Juniper & trim. 6. Gloves. It is possible to prune this plant at most times of the growing season. It will spread outwards, but not upwards (the maximum height is around two foot tall). Creeping Juniper Requirements. For additional options, be sure to browse our Juniper, Phlox and Ground Cover Plants collections. This method should also be used for vines growing over trees or walls. Weeding . Before I trim should I water and how long after watering can I trim. One problem with junipers, though, is trying to remove them. It has soft, feathery foliage that is a nice bright green. Juniper Shrub Spruce Tree Shrubs Trees Plants Tree Structure Planters Home Decor Trees. Blue rug juniper creates a flat ground cover. Ground cover tends to be hardy and will spring back to life quickly, so don't be afraid to trim it all the way down to an inch or so above ground. Creeping Juniper Ground Cover: Types, Care, and Propagation. Pruning- Pruning for this plant is usually kept to a minimum. Since it is hot should I water and/or trim in the morning. Since they are low-growing shrubs with soft branches, they can be difficult to dig up. So think about ground covers - they may be a great alternative for some or even all of your lawn. As far as branch growth, Juniper trees tend to grow as low to the ground as they can. Epic Bush Trim Fail. This evergreen shrub looks great all year long. You can also remove entire branches to thin out overly thick growth, which will improve sun and air exposure. However, you may want to reduce it in size. Typically, groundcover plants are low-growing plants with a spreading, trailing or mat-forming growth habit, which serves well to cover the ground with foliage. Sharp pruning saw. As ground cover plants vary from only an inch or two tall to 10″, you can do multiple “layers” of beds. Creeping juniper ground cover is ideal for xeriscaping. For this reason, they are commonly trained into root over rock formations. I want to trim just the new growth. Jun 6, 2018 - Explore Ivy's board "Juniper shrub" on Pinterest. It also makes a great accent when paired with flowering shrubs. Easy and highly adaptable to heat, poor soils, and urban settings.
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