precisely matching the version number user input using regex; separately handling onefs and insightiq image name and url path; get the list of filename from URL path and dump to help the user choose insightiq version to download This information can help you compare the data usage of a directory to the quota limits over time, and predict when a directory is likely to reach its quota limit. In case if you are running on older version then simply upgrade to the latest. In an Isilon environment, how is InsightIQ installed?A . In OneFS, you can assess the amount of disk space you’ll save before you start a deduplication job. I am looking to increase this local datastore from 65GB to 200 GB as i have three cluster for InsightIQ to generate reports. It is a licensed product offered by EMC for which you will need a license for every cluster that you want to monitor. Maintain Legacy Exports With the upgrade to 4.1, any datastore exports created on the older version of InsightIQ … T… For monitored clusters running OneFS 7.1 and later, enable HTTPS port 8080. 1. This report displays information about quotas created through the SmartQuotas® software module. Its VMware edition. InsighIQ™ diagnostic allows you to: Schedule and moderate online forums for specific projects and insight requirements or conduct longitudinal online forums to measure sentiment over time /Filter /FlateDecode >> Maintain Legacy Exports With the upgrade to 4.1, any datastore exports created on the older version of InsightIQ are no longer compatible. Its VMware edition. 15) Edit the /etc/fstab file to configure InsightIQ to use the new datastore UUID=65d0b7c6-7f2e-46b0-8961-38af49aaed9a /datastore ext3 defaults 0 0 16) reboot the InsightIQ VM: You can do this either by going to the console through vCenter or by SSH’ing into the VM. The following version of EMC Isilon InsightIQ resolves this vulnerability: EMC Isilon InsightIQ 4.1.1 EMC recommends that all customers upgrade to the version mentioned above at the earliest opportunity. Keep in mind that this report only provides estimates. sudo pg_upgradecluster 9.3 main 5. If you have questions or feedback about this blog, contact us at [email protected] Do not despair: it’s totally worth it! Add the monitored clusters to the new InsightIQ instance. Q�g�P[Erh��Υ�-N).S2W�=�YYk���w��1WiKo�7��z��bS喳�~��v����ջ���e��5$TH�9K��J����q��:� q�V�\�7� ��P85�Tko�Mzs�ti֦�a,�r(��H����^B�#�� �uPD!�@g_��+=!�"�"J�e��3쁢h�$Ş�T\�}�.�r�� �8%e�r�M2���y��/�ƕ��^yf�]�f��\�l��T���}+���v����;���O7�+wl�ۭ�����x�0�. But EMC's InsightIQ dependency package makes your life easier by providing all the rpm which is needed to be upgraded. The latest release of EMC ® Isilon ® InsightIQ includes new and enhanced reports that help you become a rock star at managing space on your cluster.. New file system reports. Make sure everything is working again. To provide documentation feedback or request new content, contact [email protected] InsightIQ system settings are managed in the InsightIQ web application. ��H�EQp��D>�d%��^;{������3�3v˞�T������Cj�w���`�Ru�Ff�? You can view quotas that are assigned to specific directories, the limits defined by those quotas, and the amount of data stored in the directories that those quotas are applied to. The exciting enhancements delivered in InsightIQ v4.0 include: InsightIQ is compatible with any installation packages for these operating systems, including the minimal installation packages. If you want to upgrade to this release, first explore your upgrade options covered in the Isilon Supportability and Compatibility Guide, and then perform the procedure provided in the InsightIQ 3.1 Installation Guide. That’s why we recently released InsightIQ 3.1.1: to make InsightIQ run faster and more reliably than ever before.
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