If the state or veterinary clinic do not have a policy or your clinic is uncomfortable giving the rabies vaccination at this time, we suggest finding a few backup clinics that give thimerosal-free (mercury-free) canine rabies vaccine (Merial IMRAB TF-1 or TF-3; Boehringer Ingelheim RabVac 1-TF or 3- TF) and are still giving rabies vaccinations. Y N Is there wildlife in your area, including deer, mice, squirrels, birds, … … Do not let your vet … Dosage Aseptically inject 1 mL (1 dose) subcutaneously or intramuscularly into healthy cats or dogs; 2 mL into healthy sheep, cattle, and horses. 0.3) differ ent between the inactivated-virus and ML V . Merial, Inc. License No. This means that Rabvac 1 will require revaccination in one year. intramuscularly. Dogs . 196 : Marketed by: Elanco Horses N/A 2 ml IM 3 Months Annually IMRAB 3 Produced by: Merial Inc. License No. Do not allow matters of convenience (yours or the vet's) to alter your decision. Cats. For horses 3 months of age or older. Duration of immunity 7.5 / 15 years by studies. 1 ml IM or SC . Learn More ⚠ ColdShip Item. Rabies Killed. 3.. IMRAB 1, Merial, Ltd. dog & cat, Killed (adjuvanted), 1.0 mL, 3 months, IM or SQ, 1 year. Home / Pharmaceuticals / Prescription / VACCINE,RABIES,FORT DODGE,RABVAC 3 TF, 10 DOSE TANK. NOT APPROVED . Give 2 ml IM. 5 dose, 10ml vial. Revaccination (dogs and cats): Subsequent revaccination every 3 years with a single dose is recommended. 2019 … To provide 1-year protection for horses, inject 2 mL dose (two 1 mL vials must be used) IM at 3 months of age or older. The company confirmed one dog contracted rabies after receiving a dose from Serial 873113A of its Rabvac 3 TF vaccine. Inject one 1 mL dose subcutaneously or at one site in the thigh intramuscularly at 3 months of age or older. 298 Marketed by: Merial Inc. Boehiringer Ingelheim – Rabvac 3; Boehringer Ingelheim – Rabvac 3 Tf; Zoetis- Defensor 3 (Pfizer) Zoetis – Nobivac 3 (Pfizer) Merial Imrab3; Merial Imrab3TF; Rabies certifications are needed to maintain records of dogs within jurisdictions and for applications to be sent to owners to license their dog for city compliance. RabVac 3 w/ tags. Probably lifetime. RABVAC 3 . 3 months . Dosage: Horses - 2 ml IM in horses 3 months of age or older, repeat in 1 year and annually thereafter; Dogs and cats - 1 ml IM or subcut in animals 3 months of age or older, repeat in 1 year and every 3 years thereafter. In endemic parvovirus outbreaks, Ml-V CPV vaccine can … IMRAB 3 TF Merial, Inc License No. Rabies in humans can be prevented either by eliminating exposures to rabid animals or by providing exposed persons with prompt local treatment of wounds combined with the administration of human rabies immune globulin and vaccine. The recommended vaccination procedures and the licensed animal vaccines are specified in Parts II and … Merial is now marketing recombinant vaccines for distemper and Lyme disease that should be safer than either … 1 ml. This item requires your states pharmaceutical license to be on file before we ship your order. Until recently, most … Merial, Inc. Y N Do you have multiple pets? IMor SC IM or SC : IM . Order needles and syringes separately. Dogs . Protection to last 1 year and longer. Those with the number three in the name provide protection for three years. Duration of immunity 7.5 years by studies. ANIMAL HEALTH INJECTABLES Vision 7+ Somnus with Spur 20 ml (10 Doses) Merck 069105 069105 intervet 069105 Vision 7 + Somnus with Spur 100 ml (50 Doses) Merck 069106 069106 intervet 069106 Vision 7 + Somnus with Spur 500 ml (250 Doses) Merck 069107 069107 intervet 069107 Ultrabac 7/Somubac 50 Doses ZOETIS 10000378 10000378 Ultrabac 7/Somubac 200 Doses ZOETIS … Dogs : Cats . FOR USE IN . Probably lifetime. vaccine groups (T ables 2 and 3). Revaccinate annually. Cats . License No. 3 mast 3 mos 3 mos 3 mos 3 mos 3 mos
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