These Nite Guard Solar lights are unbelievable!  They work GREAT on coyote! Other Repellents You Might Also Want to See. Nite Guard is a great product! It is said to be a great product, working well and quite convenient to apply. Family-owned, located in Minnesota. Below are some coyote prevention tips. We were losing two or three sheep each night to coyotes until we installed the Nite Guard Solar lights.  Since then we have had zero kills.  Thank you for a great product! It works!! I highly recommend the Nite Guard. Bec... We service over 500 USA locations! See more ideas about repellents, chickens backyard, raising backyard chickens. Amazon, the Amazon logo, AmazonSupply, and the AmazonSupply logo are trademarks of Amazon. A few have said this repellent is not right to their needs. Humutan Ultrasonic Dog Repellent. Best Coyote Vest & Apparel: CoyoteVest. And, you can be very confident with the Predator Pee brand as they have been in the business of harnessing natural urine since 1986. Even the most experienced… I am very, very, very, happy! With Nite Guard Solar coyote deterrent lights, you can protect your family, pets, chicken coop, and other precious property from coyote attacks. It works day and night, full time and 24 hours to chase coyotes who come toward your house. I even overheard some “bandits” that were caught stealing... However, they added that this repellent can only detect animals in dog and human sizes only. That gets it to effectively release the scent, marking the territory. Its effectiveness is high, it is affordable, and many people love it to work for them. I own pygora goats and we have had problems with coyotes and wild dogs. Click the photo below to shop on Amazon. I have not seen any since. Doesn't work in all situations, especially if you have a large infestation. One friend in VT had bears into his bee hives which were surrounded by electric wire, with Nite Guard the bears have stayed away. The consensus was they seemed to work, so I tried some. It has been so effective that I have not even heard the coyotes howling in my area for at least the ... Best Termite Repellent Reviews 2020 – Consumer Guides and Reports, Best Horsefly Repellents 2020 – Consumer Guides and Reports, Best Bug Repellent Candles 2020 – Consumer Guides, Best Deer Repellent, Bobbex Deer Repellent 2020, Best Ultrasonic Bird Repeller Reviews – Consumer Guide and Reports, Best Stink Bug Repellent Review 2020 – Consumer Guides and Report, Best Anti-Chew Dog Deterrent Spray 2020 – Consumer Reports and Guide, How Do Bats Get in The House – Bat Removal, Best Bat Deterrent Review 2020 – Consumer Guides, Stable metal tripod for sturdy installation, Repel coyotes and others including bear, moose, and elk, Quite repeling to coyotes, raccoon, rates, and more. I was in awe to find it completely protected my animals. Unlike stationary deterrents, the decoy moves in even the slightest breeze and creates a danger zone where problem birds and animals will not want to linger. ZZC Ultrasonic Animal Repellent. So far the PestAway device has been effective in … Exclusive. Meanwhile, it works not only for coyotes but also moose, elk bear, weasel, and mule deer. That is how it assures for the repelling effectiveness. In addition to the thousands of dollars each animal is worth and the thousands of dollars you pay each year to keep them healthy and fed, there’s also a human connection that forms between horses and owners. FAYINWBO solar ultrasonic outdoor animal repeller, motion activated alarm and flash, expel … Stop Wild Animals from Destroying Your Property & Livestock! But the flashy name is more than just sizzle, this is a coyote repellent that packs a serious, but nonlethal, punch. It is a big container of 64 oz, and it is extremely effective for the purpose. Repels Skunks, Raccoons, Rats, Mice, Deer … Offering proven protection against predator attacks. 3.4 out of 5 stars (7) Total Ratings 7, $13.99 New. Predator Pee 100% Wolf Urine - Territorial Marking Scent - Creates Illusion That Wolf is Nearby - 16 … Click the photo below to shop on Amazon. It is an all natural product, and it works well according to the nature that coyotes will not like to enter the territory of others. It is a 16 ounce bottle, and this repellent works as a deception scent to cover the territory of your home. By offering Made In USA animal traps, animal repellents and electronic repellents, Havahart ® covers a wide spectrum of solutions that truly means Total Yard Protection for you! The ultrasonic noise causes irritation for the coyotes, forcing the creatures to seek alternative areas for both living and feeding. What Isn’t Great about this Coyote Repellent. So, those coyotes and other animal pests will not want to stay too long around the area. All to no avail. The very night I installed the original Nite Guard Solar® units my loss went to exactly ZERO. Uses 5 methods to help get rid of rodents and/or keep them away, with high-intensity signals to annoy and confuse pests. After that I did not lose a single bird. Easy to use and … I installed 2 Nite Guard lights on each side of the house (the main direction the coyotes usually came from). Though finding this work great, some said the repellent is quite potent and disgusting. Repels-All Animal Repellent Ready-To-Use (666) Model# 238 $ 14 47. Wearing gloves is recommended when applying the urine around. And they keep skunk away, too. We put two Nite Guards on our chicken coop about 2 months ago and last night, at around midnight, we witnessed how well it works.  A small group of coyotes came within about 12 feet of the coop and went no further.  They howled and ran around it, but did not approach it.  Thank goodness for Nite Guard because we love our chickens! The weeks leading up to this I lost 1-3 per night. What Is Great about this Coyote Repellent. We have done search and review tasks for you. I have not lost a single bird to any predator since then. Some others said they then have a good peace of mind while it also protects small pets around well. So, as soon as you spread this granular around, it will smell out the urine scent and deceive them. And, you will not need to spend a lot of time, finding the best one. The activation modes are always on. Need coyote removal in your hometown? Losing Sleep Because Coyote are Killing Your Goats. I've also analyzed some repellents, but be forewarned - … 3.9 out of 5 stars 39. Now I am rebuilding my flock with no kills from coyotes. You do not have to hurt them, in addition. $37.99 $ 37 ... Angveirt Under Hood Rodent Repeller Battery Operated Rodent Repellent Ultrasonic Mice Repellent for Cars Mouse Deterrent for Vehicle Garage Basement Attic Warehouse. It is basically a motion-activated sprinkler. I will definitely be ordering more lights in the future! A couple of other reviews, in the meantime, said instead the product does not work. These granules are said to be 100% real wolf urine 100%. Lots of them see the repellent working great for them. Some reviews find it not working as they can still see coyotes coming around through their cameras. One might just need to spray this real urine over the tages and hang them around their area, and it will start to smell the scent around, forbidding those coyotes from coming around. Whole Year Full Warranty! Some else warn that the smell of the spray is nasty. I was able to pick up four Nite Guards at a very reasonable price and have installed them on my Guinea coop near the one I won at the Guinea Fest two years ago. This bottle is 16 oz. The second solution comes this Real Coyote Urine. I heard about the Nite Guard lights from other goat owners. I had seen other products that claimed to keep the predators away, but after doing some research, it was Nite Guard I purchased for my first coop. I want to thank you for an absolutely outstanding product. Solar-powered predator deterrent and control light protects gardens and livestock. They are quite repelling, particularly to coyotes. Use cluster mount for large, open acreage. Nite Guard Repellent Tape is a wide, heavy duty, iridescent foil tape that scares away daytime animal visits with light, movement, and noise. The night prior to installing your product I lost 9 hens. It is claimed to be an 100% real and pure wolf urine. With continuous and motion-sensor operation modes, these products are a low maintenance solution to protect your property landscape. Univerayo Deer Repellent Devices Predator Control Light Coyote Deterrent Solar Repel Skunk Fox Rabbit Raccoon at Night - 4 Pack. That is how this Predator Peel Wolfe Urine comes to work really well for the purpose. Absolutely stops coyotes! read more, “I would like to thank you once again for a fantastic product. It is just amazing how well the Nite Guard lights work. With these Repellent Grenades, by Rut Grenade, at your side, you can keep coyotes away for good. I began to read every book, article, and blog I could get my hands on. Skip to main One buyer said they live in Arizona and get this to work for them to chase coyotes away. We are happy to report that we have not had ANY problems since we got the Nite Guards set up in our pasture, four on a post. One of the most effective ultrasonic devices to repel rodents and other larger pests. 3.6 out of 5 stars (360) Total Ratings 360, $4.98 New. Of course, if you allow your cat(s) to wander,… Click here to hire us in your town and check prices - updated for year 2020. In additional to putting a literal stop to the coyote and owl attacks, it also stopped the infestation of “Katrina Thieves” on my farm! Wikoo Ultrasonic Animal Repeller. I was initially doubtful as to the effectiveness of your product, but nevertheless placed them about the approximately 20 acre pasture that I use for the saddle horses. I have deployed my first order of Nite Guard units and ordered six more. Here we also have the top 10 best electronic deer repellent just for you. How to keep coyotes away: coyote deterrent and repellent options for keeping coyotes off of your property and away from your livestock animals and pets. Though it uses water as the weapon, it is quite saving while battery conservation is also there. All Hello, Sign in. They said it does work for them, and it is an affordable and effective way to get rid of not only coyotes but also skunks and squirrels. The life-sized 3-D coyote decoy features true-to-life markings, a furry tail, and a predatory posture for maximum effectiveness. Coyote Repellent Coyotes are usually not an issue in human populated areas because they usually feed on small mammals and birds. The Leg Up Enterprises Real Coyote Urine is, at the same time, very safe to use while it is proven to work great. I used to have coyote right in my pens…but not anymore. They want it to chase rabbits and squirrels from their garden. Ready-to-Use Animal Repellent (662) Model# 3145-2 $ 17 98. Just Scentsational COY-1 All Natural Scented Stone Coyote Repellent. They do their job.”. Quick Picks: Coyote Repellents & Deterrents. My husband has seen fresh coyote tracks up t... Order a set of Nite Guard Solar lights online, or at a retailer near you. Will ultrasonic waves keep coyotes out of the yard? Next best coyote repellent is this Wolf P-Cover Urine Granules. Two-pack of bright orange 120+ decibel whistles – one of the loudest whistles out there! With the decline of their biggest competitor, the wolf, along with the loss of habitat, the coyote population is … 6pack Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Control Electronic Repellent Mice Rat Reject 2018. I lost every duck and goose on my pond to raccoons and coyotes and then re-stocked the pond and installed the Nite Guard lights. Best Coyote Whistle: Fox 40 Sonik Blast. In some occasions however they have been known to attack livestock, small pets and in the rarest of occasions they have been known to attack humans. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, which is an affiliate advertising program, designed to offer a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon. Other than this, some stressed on the quality build of the sprinkler, saying it seems to last long.
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